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Laci Silva is an herbalist based in San Diego, California. She is the founder of Botanical Roots Apothecary, an herbal apothecary where she makes botanical medicine with hands and heart.

Botanical Roots Apothecary is located in a shared space with Jaunt Coffee Roasters in Mira Mesa. Botanical Roots offers holistic health consultations, customized herbal formulas, and herbal products for women and children. All products and formulas are handcrafted in the shop with certified organic or wildcrafted herbs.

Laci began her herbal studies in 2015 after the unexpected death of her brother. Searching for a way to heal her heart, she found the Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies and Healing, where she discovered the magic of plants and how they can be used as medicine. She completed her training in Clinical Herbalism at the Self-Heal School in 2018, and continues to further her education with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, as well as through Rosemary Gladstar’s,The Science & Art of Herbalism studies.

Laci enjoys working with women to create a sustainable self-care routine that will allow them to thrive. Her goal is to help women feel connected and at home in their bodies, so they can begin to heal. She believes true healing comes from within and can only take place when we see ourselves holistically. At Botanical Roots Apothecary, Laci encourages women to look at all aspects of themselves and see them as intertwined. The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual all play a part in our health and wellbeing. By talking to women about herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle choices, she hopes to inspire them to take responsibility for their health and empower them to take care of themselves and their families naturally.