Herbalism is the art and science of healing with plants. It is one of the oldest systems of healing and is a simple, natural way to bring our bodies back in alignment with nature. While conventional medicine works for life-threatening illnesses and emergency situations, herbal medicine can be used for everyday ailments, chronic health problems, and overall wellbeing. Herbs work by addressing the root of the problem, rather than pacifying the symptom. In herbal medicine the person is looked at as a whole. Mind, body, and spirit are seen as intertwined, each having an impact on a person’s health. Because plants are living beings, they have the ability to heal on all levels. In addition to treating health issues, herbs are a wonderful preventative medicine high in nutrients and immune strengthening properties.

We live in a society that has become deeply uprooted from the earth. Most of us have no idea where our food comes from, spend little time outdoors, experience constant stress, and are frequently on-the-go. Many long term or recurring problems are a result of our diet and lifestyle choices. Herbs provide nutrients our bodies are lacking along with medicinal constituents that aid in our healing. Using plants as medicine connects us to the earth and helps us to come back into balance.

Herbs take time! Observe nature and you’ll notice that it moves slowly, but with purpose. Herbs work the same way in our bodies. Most health conditions don’t happen overnight, but overtime, therefore, they cannot be healed right away. When working with herbs it is important to be patient and trust in your body’s ability to heal. When you use plants as medicine you must be willing to slow down and give the herbs a chance to work. Herbal medicine can take anywhere from 3-6 months to resolve a longstanding problem, and in some cases longer. Along with taking herbs, most people will need to make changes in their diet and lifestyle in order to correct their health issue.  At Botanical Roots Apothecary herbs are given in the form of a tea or botanical extract and are to be taken on a daily basis.

Plants are all around us and they have more to offer than just beauty. They are right outside our front door, waving to us from the side of the road, pushing through the cracks of the concrete to say hello. They are here to help us heal. We just have to listen.